Wednesday, July 30, 2014

RWA Conference Notes

This month, I'm talking about San Antonio, Texas, where the RWA 2014 conference was held. San Antonio is a delightful city with lots of touristy things to do, including the Riverwalk. And I do mean a river that swirls around a beautifully landscaped park-like setting, with man made water falls, a mini mall loaded with stores, eateries, ice cream shops, and of course, the boat tour that you just have to do.

Meet my sidekick, a dear friend of mine, Karen Matusekewski, whom I've known for many years. We haven't seen each other in twelve years, but you'd never know that because we picked up right where we left off. 

After the boat tour, we went to Zocca's on the Riverwalk and had lunch and dinner. I've often wondered what you'd call lunch and dinner since breakfast and lunch are called 'brunch', so I've given it a name. I'm coining it 'linner'. Fortunately, our waiter, Raul didn't seem to mind that we hung out for three hours until happy hour when the noise level rose to new heights.

Wednesday night was the Literacy Signing and I was one of the 500 plus authors signing. We authors always look forward to this signing because the proceeds go directly to a literacy organization. This year, RWA donated $56,000. This is always exciting because people line up throughout the halls just to get inside. To give you an idea of how we're set up, here are two pics.

 And here's my set up!

Meet some of my newest fans! 

These ladies drove all the way from Fort Worth for the signing!

Thursday was the start of conference. The excitement mounts over  hooking up with old friends, making new ones and networking, meeting agents and editors, and watching writers/authors pace back and forth practicing their pitches until they deliver. Yes, it's all part of the thrill of conference. Meeting my friends on Facebook for the first time is a hoot and catching up with my peers from Montlake Romance is the best.

I did meet an agent I'd love to have represent me, but we kept missing each other. I didn't have an appointment and didn't want to pitch to her in the bathroom. Seriously. Now, I wish I had! But not all is lost, because I'll query her and see if she likes my work. 

Later today, I'm heading over to blog at The Write Authors today to finish this post.  Click on the link and it will take you right to the rest of this post. I have a ton of pictures from the Montlake party!

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