Saturday, October 25, 2014


This month, I’m giving a ‘pep’ talk to all those procrastinators out there, and a good kick in the seat of the pants!
It’s been said many times if you want someone to be accountable for something, hit them in their pocket.  People will always follow their money—especially in these bad economic times.
Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you just won $86,400.00 as the result of a contest.  And each morning your bank will deposit another $86,400.00 into your private account for your use.

Obviously every prize has rules, just as any game has rules.
  1. What you don't spend each day is forfeited to the bank.  There's no transferring the money into some other account, and only you can spend it!
  2. The bank can end the game without warning, and can tell you the game is over! As a matter of fact, it can close out that account and you won’t receive another dime.

So what would you personally do with the money knowing you had to spend it all each day?

You'd buy everything and anything you've ever wanted, right? Not just for yourself, but for everyone you love, right?  You'd probably even donate it, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself, right?

Okay, now consider this.  If you put that $86,400 in seconds instead of money, you have your own magical bank.

Every one of us has in our possession, our own magical bank.  Most of the time, we take it for granted.

So let’s apply the same rules as we did above.

Every morning, we're given those 86,400, only this time in seconds as a gift of life.  Not using that time is lost forever.  Sorry folks, but we don't get them back, and it's not credited to any account.

So what you didn't do today, because you procrastinated one more time, is lost forever. The good news though is tomorrow morning your seconds are again replenished, but you’ve already lost the previous days’ seconds.  That’s the bank dissolving them . . . without warning.

SO, what will YOU do with your next 86,400 seconds?  Will you follow your long awaited dreams by writing that story begging to be told?  Will you finish that project you started ages ago promising you’d get to it, but never have? Will you take the bull by the horns and do it?  Or will you allow another day to pass you by?

It’s a little different when you think of time in money vs. time, isn’t it?  Gives you a clearer picture, doesn’t it?  So what will you do today?